Monday, 15 September 2014

Installation & Inspiration

This is my final post of my artist residency at Plas Mawr. Having the opportunity to spend precious time creating artwork in such an inspiring environment has given me the ability to re- focus my foundations of the practice and the time to explore new media. I was given the opportunity to re-kindle my passion of working with 3D materials and discovering new techniques incorporating textiles. The main focus of the artwork created was centred on the period of the house's history 1830's - 1880's when several families rented tenements mainly in the attic spaces. Also there was a primary school in the great hall, this was the period before the Royal Cambrian Academy took possession of the building till the 1987. The pieces created I hope reflect the personal history's of the inhabitants living within these tenements and there interaction with the building. Several pieces of artwork are installed across this beautiful building also a small exhibition of the artwork at Llandudno library both are installed till the begining of October. Unfortunately during the last week of my residency there was a bereavement,  my father passed away. He was a great inspiration and I can only hope he would have approved of the outcomes of my residency.

Sunday, 24 August 2014


The last few days have been very productive,  discovering new techniques and combining new materials together specifically on textiles. I had an interesting conversation with a lady visiting Plas Mawr it was not the normal comments but she challenged me to discuss the hidden ethos behind my artwork and it's existence. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to really get to grips with what I am really trying to achieve in this body of work and future artwork. I cannot believe it is coming to the end of my residency, it has been so wonderful to create work in such an inspiring environment.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Knowledge Witness

The last few days I have focused on techniques of transferring photographic images onto textiles combined with elements of 3D work. Being in such historic surroundings with many individual traces of several inhabitants over a period of over 500 years it is extremely difficult not to be in complete awe of this wonderful building and the narratives held within it's architecture. I cannot believe I am already half way through the duration of my residency and it is now increasingly difficult to restrain the sense of urgency about completing several artworks for installation around the house.

Thursday, 14 August 2014


Begining to start building 3D pieces of artwork inspired by Plas Mawr. This being one of my main aims during my residency also to use the time to explore drawing in different mediums.  The engagement with the visitors has been very interesting, suggesting other historical buildings I may want to visit or explore the possibility of further residences. I am now begining to visualise which rooms in the house would relate to which pieces of artwork, but still alot of work to do.

Sunday, 10 August 2014


An weekend of drawing, researching past inhabitants taking hundreds of photographs. The wind was howling through the house this afternoon it made you think about the conditions the tenants lived in also the infant school the sound of the children combined with the sound of the elements outside. Finally mangaed to filter down my ideas to those that are achievable within the next couple of weeks and ordered materials needed. So now looking forward to starting work on the installations.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Yesterday was a day of experimenting with several kinds of paper and mixed media. The aim was to see how much working upon and layering they would withstand before falling apart. I have soon realised this sense of fragility is going to be a very important element of my finished installations, relating to the existence of this historical building.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


A very productive day in the attic at Plas Mawr, started on several ink & wash drawings inspired by the magnificent 15th century trusses. The trouble with being in such an inspiring environment is thatvyou can have too many creative thoughts, and now I may need to home in on a select few in the next couple of days. Really enjoyed the engagement element of the residency today I had several very interesting conservations with visitors to the house about my residency and the past inhabitants.